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Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 14:08:53 CST writes:

> . I think Secretary of State-elect Bowen's legislation (student poll
> workers)
> would have increased the pool of poll workers at much less cost,

JIM: There is almost zero cost to making election day a Saturday.
The up side is you have a much larger pool of volunteers to draw
from, so you will get better poll workers, and it will be easier for
most people to vote.

Richard C. Johnson wrote:
>I would disassociate "age" and "quality" with respect to poll
>workers. I don't think they are related, except maybe positively.

JIM: Experience does help quite a bit. But the odds of an 80 year
old being able to handle problems with voting machines, aka
computers, compared with that of a 20 year old, are much lower.
It's best to have a mix of experience and computer savvy. But
we don't have that in way too many polling places. That has
become clear to me over the past year.

Jim Soper

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