Re: OVC - I "really" need your help with "public disclosure" legislative suggestion

From: Richard Dawson <rcdawson_at_att_dot_net>
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 21:31:08 CST

On Monday 27 November 2006 12:21 am, Kathy Dopp wrote:

Some highlights From California's AB2097 (vetoed by the governator),
providinhg some definition of what public disclosure might include:

The general statement:
Vendors shall be required to disclose all technical details when applying for
state certification for a voting system. The Secretary of State shall manage
a process whereby citizens can obtain technical information free of charge,
including computer source code, relevant to voting systems under review for
certification as well as systems that have obtained state certification.

Some of the particulars giving substance to “public disclosure.”

Voting system certification shall be subject to both of the following:
1. The voter's right to inspect and test the voting system, to retain test
materials, test results, and to freely publish the same openly.
2. A promise to refrain from exerting any copyright, trade secret, or other
rights that it may have to hinder any voter of the state from exercising the
rights under paragraph (1) of this subdivision.

The materials to be made freely available to the voting public
include all of the following:
1. All voting system specific source code.
2. Detailed instructions for building the software, including compiler used,
compilation scripts, and checksums.
3. Voting specific hardware, complete specifications, drawings and
4. General purpose COTS components described in detail, including versions
and dates of manufacture.

There was more to the bill, but I think this covers its definition of public

> OVC members like Alan and Arthur,
> I "really" need your help on the "public disclosure" item because I
> just realized that it may need funding and could be a "can of worms"
> if not done right and I do not know enough about it myself.
> Please help me reword my item #9. I need a short readable version AND
> a slightly longer detailed version:
> Our current short version:
> "Mandate publicly disclosed software for all voting systems."
> Our current long version:
> "Publicly disclose all software including boot-loader, drivers,
> operating systems, voting programs, configuration, etc. as long as the
> rights needed under Copyright law (17 USC 106) by evaluators are
> granted."
> If this is enacted, what is involved in implementing it? Are funds
> needed for it? If so, please add another item to my list, which would
> be its item #14 for funding.
> You folks really need to word this one, not me. I have not given it
> enough thought to fully understand the public disclosure issue at all.
> Thank you. I've only got until Tuesday evening to get this finished
> for this round. I was planning on submitting both Alan and Arthur's
> names and contact info as the experts for this "public disclosure"
> item. Would that be OK with you?

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