Re: hash functions Re: OVC - I "really" need your help with "public disclosure" legislative suggestion

From: Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 19:36:38 CST

On 11/27/06, Charlie Strauss <> wrote:
> Heres' a couple articles. The important feature is that attack
> requires cooperation from the victim in the sense that there needs to
> be a large mutable region the attacker can modify without changing
> the length of the document. So if don't cooperate and are not
> stupid, you can avoid this attack.

So, MD5 and SHA hash functions (that aren't keyed like in HMAC) can
have designed collisions (or will soon).

What other non-keyed hash functions out there will people move to now
that these popular ones have proven cryptanalytical weaknesses? And
does a suite of hashes... like MD5/SHA-256/Tiger/WHIRLPOOL prove to be
infeasible to collide (is there literature on suites of hashes)? -Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
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