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Hello Kathy:


            You might want to consider experts in computer based security
and additionally specify mathematicians with a good background in
cryptography (your items 11 or 13). For 6 and 7, audits and other reports
must be available on the web or made available at reasonable costs (~$25)
and must be completed in a timely manner. (You might want to consider
saying that no elections are to be certified until audits are complete and
published for at least 30 days.)


            A pet peeve of mine is Secretaries of State and Registrars of
Voters who are clearly partisan. Do you think that this issue could somehow
be included in these documents? All your work could go for naught if you
run into another Katherine Harris (Florida) or J Kenneth Blackwell (Ohio)
type person. One proposals is that these responsibilities be moved to the
judicial system. If this seems like a non-starter, you are welcome to
ignore it.


Thanks, and good luck.




Edmund R. Kennedy, PE

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By next Tuesday I must put together a brief summary for proposed federal
election integrity legislation for two different persons who are going to
meet with fairly powerful US Congressmen next week and who have offered to
hand-carrry my ideas for federal election reform to the them.

Please help me reword and edit my list, give your thoughts and suggestions
on it, and also please your recommendations for experts who could help craft
specific wording for each legislative proposal. Whatever we create, might
be ignored after I give it to them, but perhaps not, so please help me by:

1. suggesting changes/edits to my list, and

2. suggesting specific experts (with contact info) who could help evaluate
the exact wording for each item on the list of suggested federal legislative

It must be short - perhaps one page 2-sided including the list of experts. I
will run this two-pager by everyone when it is done and ask anyone who would
like to support it, to sign onto it officially, if you would like (I would
add a page if people opt to sign onto it).

Here is my proposed short list. I can send anyone the word doc if you would
like to help with it. I would very much appreciate your help in suggesting
names of experts who would like to help craft the specifics of each item to
recommend to the legislators as well.

Thank you.

Federal Legislation to Ensure Election Outcome Integrity & Voter Access

1. Require independent, transparent, verifiable, sufficient, scientific
manual audits of all machine vote counts in federal elections to ensure that
electronic election outcomes are correct! (I can list what each of these
adjectives require), and

2. Require routine independent, transparent, verifiable reports and
analysis of machine allocation, equipment failure and breakdown, undervote,
overvote, and uncounted ballot rates, absentee and provisional ballot &
voter registration handling, and other crucial measures of voter service,

3. Provide funds for upgrading voting systems for jurisdictions that
have un-auditable voting systems, but only fund "fully-auditable" voting
systems where all non-disabled voters directly record their own votes, so
that the paper record of votes has been verified by voters (because
electronic ballot systems with ballot printers remove voters from ballot
creation and thus can be programmed to introduce errors that voters may not
notice and which will subvert manual audits. The more the voter is removed
from the process of casting the ballot, the more opportunity there is for
error and fraud to occur on electronically created paper records). (Since
almost all jurisdictions already use optical scan paper ballot systems for
mail-in votes, most states could use these paper ballots immediately in the
polls, so this only requires minimal federal funding for inexpensive systems
for the disabled to vote privately and unassisted using ballot printing
systems like telephone systems, voter assist devices like vote-PAD, or
ballot printing devices like the AutoMARK)

4. Provide funds for conducting manual, independent, transparent,
verifiable, sufficient, scientific audits of machine vote counts and voter
services in all federal elections.

5. Teeth - only certify Presidential electors and swear in
Congressional members from states that have conducted election audits as
required - transparently, verifiably, sufficiently, independently, and

6. Require election officials to make publicly available all election
records that would reveal fraud or mistakes in federal elections, and

7. Create a new reporting system and database for logging and publicly
displaying and tabulating complaints of voters in federal elections (GAO
create) and for publicly posting all auditable reports and audit reports
required under this legislation, and

8. Require state election officials to send all auditable and audit
reports to the US GAO and require the US GAO to collect and publicly make
available the detailed election data required for verifiable election
audits, and

9. Mandate publicly disclosed software (all software including
boot-loader, drivers, operating systems, voting programs, etc.) for all
voting systems as long as the rights needed under Copyright law (17 USC 106)
by evaluators are granted

10. Outlaw any network connections to, and or wireless capability in,
voting equipment and prohibit voting through any network connection or by
faxing ballots to any office other than the local election office.

11. Require qualified credentialed persons to staff the EAC's technical
guideline development committee who have Ph.D.'s in computer engineering.
(The current "experience" only requirement is analogous to hiring doctors
who did not go to medical school or attorneys who did not pass the bar!)

12. Require jurisdictions to allow non-partisan citizens to observe
close-up or by verifiable, transparent close-up video, all aspects of
elections: such as the real pre-election testing (not just the demos), the
polls, the transfer of ballots to the central office, the tallying of the
votes, manual audits, and any post-election testing. This requirement should
include language that requires jurisdictions to allow genuine observation,
not just presence in the room.

13. Require a qualified degreed subcommittee of the U.S. EAC or of the U.S.
GAO, the Vote Count Audit and Recount Committee, with PhD statisticians,
mathematicians, computer scientists, and MS or MA degreed election integrity
activists, gaming experts, and non-voting election officials whose functions
include approving state election audit and recount procedures and policies
for federal elections.


Note: The details are very crucial and it is critical to consult with
experts in each area for the precise wording of legislation, and not to
believe anything that voting vendor lobbyists claim without independent
verification by experts.

List of experts for each numbered recommendation above follows:


Thanks. Any help on this before Tuesday is highly appreciated. Please
recommend some experts in each of the 13 items above.

Kathy Dopp
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