Re: Please help devise sentences for software requirement for voting systems

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Nov 23 2006 - 16:14:31 CST

The OVC is working on a proposal for software (actually not just
software) disclosure. I'll send something out over the long weekend
for discussion. Formally, what we are developing are the
requirements for a voting system to be "OVC Listed"; however, the
intent is for this to be a prototype of what disclosures should be
enshrined in legislative mandates.

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At 10:53 AM -0700 11/23/06, Kathy Dopp wrote:
>I have been asked by two groups who have access to members of US
>Congress, to work on proposals for new legislation. I do not have
>direct access myself.
>Although I have written, with a Utah voting activist who has lots of
>legislative experience, a legislative proposal for one state, it
>appears to be too long for most voting activists to read, and the
>same goes for our election integrity audit paper - too long for
>anyone to read apparently.
>So, I am starting from scratch, a short outline of what federal
>legislation should require (as I've been asked to do).
>As Joe Hall pointed out, I do not know enough re. software licensing
>to propose wording for software disclosure requirements.
>Would this group please propose, or point me to where you have
>already written proposed wording (in a few short sentences at most
>for now) for requirements for disclosure for voting machine software.
>I may be too optimistic, but I am hoping to collaboratively revise
>something short that perhaps multiple voting activists might revise
>a little and sign onto. I need a statement regarding software
>licensing requirements for voting systems.
>i.e. If "publicly disclosed" then what other conditions are
>required? Please give me your suggestions for actual wording.
>Thank you.

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