Re: [ElectionIntegrity] Re: Conference call on federal legislation?

From: Barbara Simons <simons_at_acm_dot_org>
Date: Sat Nov 18 2006 - 17:28:28 CST

Dear Suzanne,

I was unaware of Kauffman's comments. I certainly agree with you that
such a statement is not only bad in terms of election integrity, but
it's blatantly incorrect. I'll see if I can learn more about what is
happening with him. Thanks for the info.

I agree that Vote-Pad is the only system that allows deaf/blind voters
to vote independently and to verify their vote.

I share your respect for Noel. Not only is he a really nice guy, but
he's very impressive technically, and he is dedicated both to the
integrity of our elections and to the needs of people with

I also agree with you that the use of Vote-PAD, the AutoMark, or the
Populex system does not burden able-bodied voters. This is a key
point, and I don't think that you should pull out of the discussion.
Your voice needs to be heard.


On Nov 18, 2006, at 2:07 PM, Suzanne wrote:

> Barbara, I am sorry.† I thought Common Cause might not know much about
> the Vote-Pad based on a comment made by Barry Kauffman, Executive
> Director of Common Cause/Pennsylvania, that DREís are necessary for
> people with disabilities to vote.† He said this on Voice of the Voters
> on WNJC 1360A.M. †Iím sorry if I have misjudged an entire organization
> based on a remark of one man.†
> I have spoken and corresponded with Noel Runyan, and I have the utmost
> respect for him.† Not only is he knowledgeable about accessibility,
> but he is also knowledgeable about computers. †I am merely an end
> user.
> The AutoMark and Populex are fine for blind people, but, to my
> knowledge, the Vote-Pad is the only accommodation that is accessible
> for people who are deaf/blind. †Again, if I have spoken in error, I
> apologize to any members of Common Cause whom I may have offended..
> †
> Paul, I have never meant to infer, in any way,. That non-disabled
> voters need to vote the same way as disabled voters. †On the contrary,
> the Vote-Pad is merely a reasonable accommodation that makes it
> possible for people with disabilities to mark a paper ballot
> independently, and privately, and it even makes it possible for us to
> verify our votes, as well.† Perhaps Iím being dense, but I do not
> understand how using the Vote-Pad, AutoMark or Populex is requiring
> people without disabilities to vote like people with disabilities.†
> Perhaps it would be better to discuss this off list, because I do not
> want to burden the list with correspondence that is a sidebar
> discussion.
> †
> Regards,
> Suzanne

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