Re: Conference call on federal legislation?

From: Ginny Ross <Ginnypdx_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Sat Nov 18 2006 - 08:59:27 CST

Stephanie Frank Singer wrote:

> Does it make sense to have a conference call to discuss strategy?
> And here's some info, for what it's worth. Yesterday, in response to
> a question ("What political forces are pushing continued reliance on
> DREs?") Michelle Mulder (Holt's aide) explained the political
> pressure to keep DRE's included this way: "No one (other than Jim
> Dickson of AAPD) is pushing "reliance" on DREs. It's strictly a cost
> issue - HAVA said here's a few billion, buy DREs. Many jurisdictions
> did. The political problem is telling them HAVA was wrong, now do
> this instead . . ."

It's true that our task includes cleaning up the federal disaster areas
caused by HAVA.

I am working on setting up a movement-wide mail list and a forum for
addressing federal legislation questions. Let's all give some thought
to this issue as to 1) the substance of possible laws, but also as to 2)
practical strategies.

We must understand that a rapid push to pass HR 550 is underway. Unless
we can inspire a massive overhaul before passage, the Gordian knot will
tighten further.

So we must unify to cause a nationwide barricade against the unthinking
passage of HR 550. I hope to stop this by negotiation, but the forces
lining up to rubber stamp HR 550 are looking pretty powerful right now.
What we need is everyone we know who sees HR 550 as the danger it is, to
somehow put pressure on the new D Congress to stop this fast tracking
and listen to our movement and reject these dangerous half measures.

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Ginny Ross

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