Taskforce on Federal Legislation -Admin Request

From: Ginny Ross <Ginnypdx_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 15:52:04 CST

Dear EI Leaders,

I've always been the one to take a dare -- so I do not regret my
taskforce proposal earlier today. The outpouring of discussion is a
sure sign we have many important issues to discuss and resolve. I don't
even mind all the crazy bounces I may have caused by all this interlist
traffic. It tends to prove the point that we've had some unhelpful
walls grow between us during these long dark years of electoral chaos
and catastrophe.

As a result of the response so far, I intend to create a suitable forum
or list ASAP. I will fund and create it as a "no-brand" area with
technical help and hosting from some helpful activists in the OVC forum
(though I welcome further suggestions and assistance.) I request for
now, however, that you all please give some thought to the scope and
purpose of this effort, but please do not "reply all" with your thoughts
for now. It creates wave upon wave of bounce responses from some of
these lists. Save your ideas, and within a day or two, I will send an
update and information on how to connect or subscribe to the forum.

I must admit, it is exciting to consider the brilliance and power that
can come from the combined efforts of all of you. I only hope we can
build and activate this whole-movement forum as quickly as possible.
The forum will be a neutral meeting place for the great minds and
energies of outstanding, dedicated activists. Attacks of a personal or
nonconstructive nature will be squelched by me immediately so as not to
cloud the air. (I have a good history of swift, unapologetic action in
this regard as a former army officer trainer -- so you can go ahead and
be mad at me, but the mission will continue without disruption).
Exclusion, foregone conclusions and thought stoppers will be
discouraged. I will admit to a bias against the half and quarter
measures of HR 550, but I am riveted on the need for dynamic, immediate
solutions that can and will come up for passage in the 110th Congress if
we can make them happen. How could our Congress resist the demands and
advice of a unified EI movement? As a free people, we must never allow
our vision to be shackled.


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