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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 10:44:56 CST


Please count me in, esp. to discuss improving the Holt audit provisions
which are currently disastrous and would easily enable the wrong candidates
to be sworn in after elections and interfere with mathematically correct
state and county-level audits and has many other glaring flaws, not the
least of which is probably being anti-US-constitutional due to the US EAC's
involvement as the auditors, which is also unfortunate from other

Also, we might want a separate Yahoo group for that and please include
Charlie Strauss who is a member of both the National Election Data Archive's
list of statisticians and also a member of the Open Voting Consortium
because Charlie is currently doing some ground-breaking work in New Mexico
to pass the best state audit legislation there.

Thanks. Kathy

On 11/17/06, Ginny Ross <> wrote:
> Dear EI Leaders,
> A new and increasingly urgent concern for all of us is federal EI
> legislation and the pros and cons of HR 550 and HB 6200.
> I feel caught up in a whirlwind of discussion on legislation in the
> various EI leaders lists I participate in. There are likely many others
> feeling the same.
> I believe it is vital for our movement to unify under common principles.
> Our main differences could likely be understood and perhaps resolved with
> concentrated, open, collaborative efforts. Then we could push together, as
> a movement, for passage of urgently needed paper ballot legislation that
> will not be burdened with a battle royale or intra-movement conflict over
> the other features of HR 550.
> I do not know the answers, but I know that we are racing the clock in an
> all out sprint to save democracy from these DRE's before '08.
> Therefore, I would like to propose a unified discussion/action list that
> will allow all voices to be heard in a fair and open forum. As a simple
> starting point, I feel the main discussions fall into 4 general areas:
> 1) Paper Ballot / Record requirements
> 2) Audit/Verification of machine votes and counts
> 3) Oversight & Transparency issues / Vendor Involvement in Certification
> 4) Strategy as to how to approach the new Congress (Amend HR 550 / HB
> 6200, other approaches)
> Maybe there is another way to outline the tasks, or I have omitted
> something important. My goal is to stay very simple.
> I propose the formation of a single Yahoo group on this vital topic,
> inviting all serious activists concerned with federal EI legislative issues
> and all who wish to listen. I volunteer to create the list and help
> moderate to prevent any disruption in this vital work. The information
> discussed could be freely shared, and therefore allow participants to use
> the information to inform their own legislators. I believe in free, viral
> transmission of information in the situation (such as now) when we are in a
> very dangerous, high speed, fast track approach to HR 550. I do not feel
> alone in expressing near panic that the bill might be passed without the
> major (not too time consuming) overhaul it needs.
> The core lists I would build the ""<>list would draw from VTUSA, ElectionIntegrity, BBV, CEPN, EDA, USVotecounts,
> OregonVRC, CASE_OH, PDA and OVC. I may be missing something important, I
> don't know. This is not an exclusive list, just a practical starting
> point. I feel that on all these lists, there is a GOLDMINE of legislative
> discussion and strategy. I believe in consolidating, collaborating, and
> treating this goldmine as our treasury of future power. We need to capture
> and use this power effectively if we, as a movement, hope to have a
> compelling, rapid and undeniable influence upon the federal legislative
> efforts that are now on the immediate horizon.
> Your comments and ideas on this topic, or offers to assist or to manage
> the project, are welcome.
> Sincerely,
> Ginny Ross
> Portland, OR

Kathy Dopp
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