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Please excuse me if you've already seen this. The BradBlog article in
Computer World is a good overview of e-voting problems in this election.

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 *It ain't over by a longshot... The meltdown continues... - Brad*


*Never Mind the 'Results', Election 2006 Was a Disaster for E-Voting Systems
Across the Nation*
*(Will Someone Please Tell the Headline Writers at the New York Times and
the Associated Press?)*

*ComputerWorld* has just
following article of mine in full. Here's the first few (pre-
*CW*-edited) grafs to whet your appetite…

*Terrorizes Florida in Thrill-Kill Rampage*

That headline was from a satirical
by Andy Borowitz published last Monday, the day before Tuesday's
mid-term election.

Unfortunately, given the post-election coverage by some of the nation's
leading media — or at least their headline writers — it seems that only an
event such as a Diebold voting machine becoming "unmoored from the floor
and…trampling everyone and everything in its path," as Borowitz wrote, would
qualify as anything more than a "glitch", "hiccup", "snag" or "snafu". At
least if you guage the coverage from the headline writers at *NYTimes*
or *Associated

"Voting System Worked, With Some Hiccups," declared the AP headline on
Wednesday. "Polling Places Report Snags, but Not Chaos," echoed the *Times*.

"Hiccups"? "Snags"? Try telling it the thousands of voters around the
country who were unable to simply cast a vote last Tuesday because new,
untested electronic voting machines *failed* to work. Monumentally. Across
the entire country.

"Not Chaos"? Apparently the *Times* headline writers failed to check with
the folks in Denver who were lined up around the block for hours to vote.
They didn't even bother to read the the *Denver Post* who
headlined<http://www.bradblog.com/?p=3747>the problem as a "Voting
Nightmare" during the day on Tuesday and quoted
voter Lauren Brockman saying "We will not get to vote today," after he had
showed up before work to vote at 6:45 a.m. at the Botanic Gardens only to
wait on line for an hour before giving up....

For the complete story, including bullets barely dodged this week — from the
Allen and Santorum Senate races to innumerable U.S. House elections
currently uncountable and unrecountable due to the failures of these
god-forsake machines — and the ravages of an American electoral system in
tatters no matter how the headline writers at the major national media and
the Voting Machine Apologists are hoping to spin things…see my complete
piece just published at

(Oh, and find out how that Diebold Voting Machine Killer Rampage in Florida
comes out too!)

*THE ABOVE TEASER STORY: *http://www.bradblog.com/?p=3770
*COMPLETE COMPUTERWORLD ARTICLE: *http://tinyurl.com/ymczrw


***Zogby 'Exit Poll' of San Diego's CA50 Busby/Bilbray Election Suggests
6-Point Distortion in Announced 'Results'*
*Election Attorney Paul Lehto Blames Registrar Mikel Haas' Administration of
Election, Refusal to Properly Count Paper Ballots for Discrepancy*
Says, 'Abuse of Discretion' Improperly Delayed Count of Paper Ballots,
Creates 'Second Class Ballots, Voters'



New York Times on 'Left-Leaning' BRAD BLOG's Election Coverage…*

>From the *New York Times* in an article headlined "Blogs Take Lead in
Reporting Polling
Tom Zeller, Jr.:

Brad Friedman, perhaps the most dogged critic of electronic voting machine
technology in the blogosphere, said he saw his site traffic spike at
left-leaning Bradblog.com <http://bradblog.com/>, as reports of machine
malfunctions began pouring in from around the country.

"Folks understand by now that I'll get these stories out so that they'll get
confirmed," Mr. Friedman said.

Well, *somebody* hadda "take the lead in reporting polling problems,"
Zeller! [image: ;-)]

*URL: *http://www.bradblog.com/?p=3764


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