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...Here's what I have in my Targeted Audit Recount (TAR) for the candidate for office contests.  The ballot question contests have similar rules:

Candidate For Office Contests:


Number of Precincts to be audited based on Contest Size:


Large –      State-wide contests                                                    10 precincts

Medium – Congressional or State Senate size                                 5 precincts per contest

Small –      State Representative, County-Wide, and Municipal       5 Precincts/County


Precinct Allocations:

If evidence of fraud is found, that particular allocation gets an addition allocation 5 times greater.  I have the initial allocations small in order that the people doing the recounts are attentive.  I believe exhaustive random audits are too tedious.  That kind of boredom dulls the people's senses.


Also, it has time limits in order to be sure it is done within a few weeks after the election.


Where is the statistical analysis that supports this procedure? In particular, where's the analysis that supports the complete omission of randomly-chosen audits? I have nothing against targeting -- in fact, I think it's a good idea --  but it must be added to random audits, not substituted for them. As I wrote earlier, targeted recounts alone are insufficient not just when one party is hyper-dominant, but where a candidate (especially a major-party candidate) does not aggressively contest fraud. This happens more often than you might expect. One might point, for example, to John Kerry's quick concession in Ohio, 2004, which left the contest to the Green and Libertarian candidates. The courts promptly declared them to lack standing to challenge miscounts that allegedly disfavored Kerry, leaving the race essentially uncontested despite numerous credible allegations of fraud (e.g., ).

In addition, a voter has an interest in the proper counting of her votes (and of everyone else's votes) totally apart from the candidates' interests, and that interest is not necessarily served by targeted recounts, particularly those conducted under the candidates' auspices.


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