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Here's what I have in my Targeted Audit Recount (TAR) for the candidate for office contests. The ballot question contests have similar rules:

Candidate For Office Contests:
Number of Precincts to be audited based on Contest Size:
Large State-wide contests 10 precincts
Medium Congressional or State Senate size 5 precincts per contest
Small State Representative, County-Wide, and Municipal 5 Precincts/County
Precinct Allocations:
20% Winning candidate
20% Allocated to all the losing candidate(s) with less than 10% of the vote count.

Chosen via pro-rata, consensus, or random selection process, such as drawing lots in the presence of the candidates, of those precincts nominated by members of this group.
Remaining precincts to losing candidates with 10% or more of the vote.

Chosen via pro-rata, consensus, or random selection process of those precincts nominated by members of this group. In most elections, this will be one candidate.
If evidence of fraud is found, that particular allocation gets an addition allocation 5 times greater. I have the initial allocations small in order that the people doing the recounts are attentive. I believe exhaustive random audits are too tedious. That kind of boredom dulls the people's senses.

Also, it has time limits in order to be sure it is done within a few weeks after the election.

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My proposal included the provision that each losing candidate would be allowed to select one precinct from each county in her election district for the audit. But the audit would otherwise be by random selection. 
The first to propose this was Saltman so far as I know.
I would propose that any losing candidate within 10% of the winner be 
allowed to pick 1% of precincts/absentee grouping. 
This would be on top of a random audit. 

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