VoteHere gets more press. Opportunity for OVC.

From: Rick Gideon <rick_at_openvoting_dot_org>
Date: Thu Nov 25 2004 - 12:30:02 CST

This letter from Ralph Munro (former WA sec state and now chairman of
VoteHere) appears in todays Seattle Times.

I would urge that we write as many letters to the editor as possible
showing that OVC is a better solution.

Its a little disgusting to see that they allowed him to write this
self-promoting advertisement to further the agenda of VoteHere. But I
believe that we may be able to use this to our advantage and gain some
positive press as well.

Letters, not exceeding 200 words, must include your full name, address and
telephone numbers for verification. Letters become the property of The
Times and may be edited for publication. High volume prevents our
acknowledging receipt of submissions.

Send letters to:

Letters Editor
The Seattle Times
P.O. Box 70
Seattle, WA 98111

(206) 382-6760

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