Re: Idea to help OVC, BBV, USCountVotes(UCV),VotersUnite ....

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 19:51:30 CST

Fred McLain said:
> Hi Kathy & all,
> You'll probably have to develop your own software for this. MySQL
> doesn't cost a dime if you will keep your sources open and not use it
> for commercial purposes. It's fine for this type of database. XML &
> SQL? They are great buzz words but not really compatible with each
> other (XML is hierarchical and SQL is relational). You can transmit the

Thanks Fred. OK. We'll develop our own.

What I meant is using SQL/PHP to create a web form which when submitted,
generates XML, plus another SQL/PHP form to query the archive. Guess I
wasn't clear. Sorry.

> data via XML/SOAP and store it in a relational database however, just
> keep the storage formats separate. This is fairly easy to do - put your
> SOAP server up on an Axis framework using Tomcat and dump the data into
> your MySQL database. Exposing the information on a SOAP frame is a good
> idea, it's pretty much the standard for web services these days.
> Jakarta commons DB makes the database interface a bit simpler. You'll
> also want to find a good reporting interface, I believe that Crystal
> Reports (commercial $$$) still leads in this area.

OK. Now you're completely talking over my head. SOAP is what I wash with,
and Axis, well doesn't that refer to the "axis of evil"?

> This coordination effort is a great suggestion for a new open source
> project. First get some basic software working and then send out a
> request for developers. I believe you'll get an excellent response from
> the open source community.

Thanks Fred. That sounds great. I'm attempting to design a system for
reliable volunteers to help load docs into an archive and then take docs
out of the archive to "normalize" them into a database, with other
volunteers checking their work. I'm trying to have something in place by
next week for having volunteers archive the data plus a query form for the
public to be able to pull the docs from the archive.

Sorry to waste the list's time.



> -Fred-

Kathy Dopp
US Count Votes
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