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From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 15:55:59 CST

Hello Kathy:

    While this is not really my area of expertise, Open Office has a database program now. and it costs nothing. Also, you might try MySQL, <> which is about $70/copy.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

Kathy Dopp wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I realized last night that there is one (simple?) interface program
> that every organization involved in this issue (OVC, BBV, UCV,
> VotersUnite,etc.) needs to have available both to coordinate its own
> efforts plus to share information with each other.
> My USCountVotes (UCV) group needs a by state/by county interface
> program now, in order to put into place an archival system for all
> original docs containing official election results, voter
> registration info, etc for the 2004 and prior elections that will be
> publicly searchable and available to anyone who wants to study the
> 2004 or prior elections. And it occurred to me, that all the other
> voting activist groups also need this interface program for other
> reasons.
> Could we (should we) create or find a simple by state/by county
> interface program, and make it open source and archived for all these
> groups to use?
> -------------------------------------
> Contents of this email (below):
> 1. PHP/Javascript to use/create (SQL/XML) interface program to
> index/retrieve election data/information by state by county, and why
> UCV needs one now.
> 2. Why each of OVC, BBV, UCV, and groups like VotersUnite need this
> interface program? What it will enable us to do and why we should
> just share an open source version of it rather than each creating our
> own?
> 3. Can anyone on this list help me find/create/archive/maintain this
> interface program?
> --------------------------------------------------------
> 1. USCountVotes needs this by state/by county interface now, in
> order to begin a searchable archive for original docs for election
> results and other orginal docs needed for studying elections, UCV
> needs to to generate XML tags for identifying each document's source
> by county and state for indexing the original docs.
> UCV also needs to provide the same interface on our web site for the
> public to pull up the original documents containing official election
> results by state and by county for their own study and to enable our
> volunteers to help us transfer the information into our database for
> statistical studies by statisticians who want to develop methods to
> pinpoint precincts with vote counting errors in America. UCV will
> also need this interface to provide tables of raw and calculated
> tables to users who want them for each county/state, and for our own
> intranet.
> This by state/by county interface would need to work like this:
> First a user selects a state from the pull-down menu of states, and
> then the list of counties refreshes itself to those within the
> selected state. Next the user selects a county from within the
> desired state. (I am sure that I've seen a real estate site that had
> already developed this interface with whatever backend sql or list of
> states and their counties.)
> 2. Why all the voter activist groups need this interface?
> OVC: OVC needs this by state/by county interface for its own
> intranet in order to track contact and organizations from each state
> and county that it will have to work with. OVC also needs this
> interface for its database that it will provide to all states it
> works with to track the election regulations/procedures within each
> county.
> BBV: BBV needs this interface for its intranet problably, and BBV
> also needs this interface to track all the work it is doing in
> America by county. BBV also needs this interface in order to share
> its info w/ UCV and other groups like us who will need by county by
> precinct information to both develop methods to pinpoint counties and
> verify our methods vs. actual data.
> VotersUnite: VU (and other groups collecting reports like it is) need
> this this interface for its own intranet probably and also to input
> and allow searching through its reports of problems by state and by
> county and precincts.
> What will this little by state/by county interface enable us to do?
> Share information amoung all these voting activist groups in a more
> effective useful fashion. Save time by not having to develop the same
> interface individually. The statisticians that I am working with from
> well-known-respected universities accross America ALL AGREE on one
> thing (no matter what their political affiliation): We need to study
> data at the PRECINCT level and can not determine or develop any
> methods to pinpoint miscounted precincts by the 2006 election, unless
> we study precinct data. Therefore, we must all design indexing and
> retrieval of our data at the county level at a minimum.
> 3. I am swamped and don't have time to learn what you all know about
> programming, archiving open source programs, finding existing open
> source programs, etc this week, but my group UCV
> ( can get an archival system up and running
> within the week for all original election result docs that must be
> individually obtained from county election officials and precincts,
> as soon as we develop our XML creation interface and retrieval
> interface (which needs this state/county tool), and organize a system
> to have volunteers upload these docs and use our XML creation tool to
> index them.
> Perhaps one of our own UCV volunteer programmers could develop this
> interface tool on our own this week, but it seems like it might be
> smarter to develop this tool as a group, and to find a volunteer to
> keep its counties list updated for OVC, BBV, UCV, VotersUnite, and
> all other groups that need such an interface.
> I'm sorry if this seems mundane, but I realized that such a simple
> tool could do so much for so many voting groups, and that perhaps one
> of you might be willing to help my group as well as others develop it
> (if one of these groups doesn't already have it?)
> Any thoughts? Any volunteer? Is this interface with an updated
> state/county list already available somewhere?
> Perhaps all I need is a simple list of states and counties which I'm
> sure I can find, and I've wasted your time on this simplistic thought
> which all of our groups can develop separately (but may take hours to
> do)?
> Thank you.
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