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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 10:46:21 CST

Hello Everyone,

I realized last night that there is one (simple?) interface program that
every organization involved in this issue (OVC, BBV, UCV,
VotersUnite,etc.) needs to have available both to coordinate its own
efforts plus to share information with each other.

My USCountVotes (UCV) group needs a by state/by county interface program
now, in order to put into place an archival system for all original docs
containing official election results, voter registration info, etc for the
2004 and prior elections that will be publicly searchable and available to
anyone who wants to study the 2004 or prior elections. And it occurred to
me, that all the other voting activist groups also need this interface
program for other reasons.

Could we (should we) create or find a simple by state/by county interface
program, and make it open source and archived for all these groups to use?

Contents of this email (below):

1. PHP/Javascript to use/create (SQL/XML) interface program to
index/retrieve election data/information by state by county, and why UCV
needs one now.

2. Why each of OVC, BBV, UCV, and groups like VotersUnite need this
interface program? What it will enable us to do and why we should just
share an open source version of it rather than each creating our own?

3. Can anyone on this list help me find/create/archive/maintain this
interface program?


1. USCountVotes needs this by state/by county interface now, in order to
begin a searchable archive for original docs for election results and
other orginal docs needed for studying elections, UCV needs to to generate
XML tags for identifying each document's source by county and state for
indexing the original docs.

UCV also needs to provide the same interface on our web site for the
public to pull up the original documents containing official election
results by state and by county for their own study and to enable our
volunteers to help us transfer the information into our database for
statistical studies by statisticians who want to develop methods to
pinpoint precincts with vote counting errors in America. UCV will also
need this interface to provide tables of raw and calculated tables to
users who want them for each county/state, and for our own intranet.

This by state/by county interface would need to work like this: First a
user selects a state from the pull-down menu of states, and then the list
of counties refreshes itself to those within the selected state. Next the
user selects a county from within the desired state. (I am sure that I've
seen a real estate site that had already developed this interface with
whatever backend sql or list of states and their counties.)

2. Why all the voter activist groups need this interface?

OVC: OVC needs this by state/by county interface for its own intranet in
order to track contact and organizations from each state and county that
it will have to work with. OVC also needs this interface for its database
that it will provide to all states it works with to track the election
regulations/procedures within each county.

BBV: BBV needs this interface for its intranet problably, and BBV also
needs this interface to track all the work it is doing in America by
county. BBV also needs this interface in order to share its info w/ UCV
and other groups like us who will need by county by precinct information
to both develop methods to pinpoint counties and verify our methods vs.
actual data.

VotersUnite: VU (and other groups collecting reports like it is) need this
this interface for its own intranet probably and also to input and allow
searching through its reports of problems by state and by county and

What will this little by state/by county interface enable us to do? Share
information amoung all these voting activist groups in a more effective
useful fashion. Save time by not having to develop the same interface
individually. The statisticians that I am working with from
well-known-respected universities accross America ALL AGREE on one thing
(no matter what their political affiliation): We need to study data at
the PRECINCT level and can not determine or develop any methods to
pinpoint miscounted precincts by the 2006 election, unless we study
precinct data. Therefore, we must all design indexing and retrieval of
our data at the county level at a minimum.

3. I am swamped and don't have time to learn what you all know about
programming, archiving open source programs, finding existing open source
programs, etc this week, but my group UCV ( can
get an archival system up and running within the week for all original
election result docs that must be individually obtained from county
election officials and precincts, as soon as we develop our XML creation
interface and retrieval interface (which needs this state/county tool),
and organize a system to have volunteers upload these docs and use our XML
creation tool to index them.

Perhaps one of our own UCV volunteer programmers could develop this
interface tool on our own this week, but it seems like it might be smarter
to develop this tool as a group, and to find a volunteer to keep its
counties list updated for OVC, BBV, UCV, VotersUnite, and all other groups
that need such an interface.

I'm sorry if this seems mundane, but I realized that such a simple tool
could do so much for so many voting groups, and that perhaps one of you
might be willing to help my group as well as others develop it (if one of
these groups doesn't already have it?)

Any thoughts? Any volunteer? Is this interface with an updated
state/county list already available somewhere?

Perhaps all I need is a simple list of states and counties which I'm sure
I can find, and I've wasted your time on this simplistic thought which all
of our groups can develop separately (but may take hours to do)?

Thank you.

Kathy Dopp
US Count Votes
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