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Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 17:39:22 CST

The ATM doesn't give the user a receipt, but that's because the end
user is largely irrelevant in the transaction. The banks put huge
effort into securing the banking networks, in auditing them, in
prosecuting fraud, etc., in order to allow the banks to do business,
and they accept a fairly huge amount of money lost each year as the
cost of doing business. For voting, there no real ongoing effort to
make sure that the system is secure (not $millions a year), and no
real penalty for failing, because the only "failure" is in people
losing trust in elections -- you get the sense that election officials
would rather have an election stolen that nobody knew about than
having election fraud detected and fixed because of the bad PR.

- LP

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 16:24:37 -0700, Robert Rapplean <> wrote:
> Edmund R. Kennedy said:
> >When the ATM asks whether I want a receipt, I usually say no. When a Web
> >site wants my credit card number, I usually say yes. When I pay bills
> >online, there is no paper record of the transaction. In my failure to
> >demand physical evidence when money changes hands, I am not very
> >unusual.
> >
> Kathy Dopp wrote:
> >I think she's very unusual and makes herself sound immediately from the
> >first sentence like an idiot. I would make sure never to speak with her
> >if she asks to interview you because she'll twist anything you say.
> >
> Joel Harris wrote:
> > I don't think she sounds like an idiot.
> Not an idiot, just ignorant, in the true meaning of the word.
> Computerized accounting keeps track of every penny. Every time a single
> cent is moved into or out of an account, there is a confirmable record
> about who it went to, why, and who authorized the transaction. We all
> know that voting doesn't work that way because associating a voting
> transaction with the person who performed that transaction is an
> essential ethical no-no. She apparently doesn't know that.
> If you think about it, eliminating such ignorance, especially in the
> media, must become part of our mission if we are to succeed. Maybe
> someone should tell her these things and make her one step less ignorant.
> Robert Rapplean
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