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Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 16:28:12 CST
Kathy Dopp wrote:
Edmund R. Kennedy said:

In ATMs, Not Votes, We Trust

By Anne Applebaum

When the ATM asks whether I want a receipt, I usually say no. When a Web
site wants my credit card number, I usually say yes. When I pay bills
online, there is no paper record of the transaction. In my failure to
demand physical evidence when money changes hands, I am not very

I think she's very unusual and makes herself sound immediately from the
first sentence like an idiot.  I would make sure never to speak with her
if she asks to interview you because she'll twist anything you say.

(please accept my apologies if my 2 cents is not helpful)
I don't think she sounds like an idiot.  She sounds pretty normal--particularly for someone who does not think about the implications of these things.  This is a sell that OVC and others have to make.  What makes voting different than an ATM transaction?  What makes it different than paying a bill online?  There are differences, and those differences are important.  That is what Ms. Applebaum does not understand.  What if there is a problem with the ATM transaction or with your bank stealing money from you.  The answer is that even without a paper trail, we can look at data and find the problem.  The same cannot be said regarding a vote cast.  But many "average" people are not going to appreciate this distinction.


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