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From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 12:40:49 CST

Hello Kathy:
     I would guess that 'turnout' also includes those who attempted to vote or voted provisionally. As for your assesment of Miss Applebaum, she sounds more like an industry apologists or one of their public relations flacks. As has already been pointed out, in ATM's a journal tape is generated either on paper or electronically and each transaction is individually logged with all identifying characteristics. It is definetily not anonymous or private. Many ATM's have one or more cameras pointed at the user. ATM's are used all the time instead of once every two years or so. If ATM's fail their daily audit, they are taken out of service, repaired or replaced. In addition, you get a summary of all your ATM transactions monthly on your bank statement. Finally, the argument that 'if some people are careless other people should adopt that as standard behavior' is at best sophmoric. No, I don't think she's an idiot and I advise you to not underestimate people like her.
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

Kathy Dopp <> wrote:

Keith Copenhagen said:
> Here's a DailyKos diary with Bev talking about it.

One of our statisticians has pinpointed Volusia county along with several
others using percents of Black registered voters as having very suspect
vote counts (not posted to our site yet)

I noticed that "turnout" numbers is what Bev used to pinpoint Volusia
county, so perhaps my group needs to add "turnout" numbers to its list of
methods to pinpoint suspicious precincts as soon as we have all the data
in a database we need.

How/where does one obtain "turnout" numbers? is that just the total
number of people who voted as compared to registered voters in that



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