Re: recount in New Hampshire

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 11:13:30 CST

Kathy Dopp wrote:

>Keith Copenhagen said:
>>"Thank God New Hampshire has a paper trail so we can just sit down and
>>count the paper ballots."
>If we get a "hit" (micounted votes) in those precincts in NH that were
>pinpointed using statistical methods (by Ida Briggs) of the type we're
>proposing, it will help us to get attention when we pinpoint other
>precincts using these statistical methods that Ida Briggs used in NH to
>trigger this recount.
>We have an arsenal of other statistical measures that can also be used for
>doing what Ida did in NH. It'll depend on what data we can obtain for
>each state's precincts.

No argument here!

Another thing: all hell is quietly breaking loose in Volusia County FL,
another Diebold optical scan county.

Background: back in 2000, somebody really did try a pro-Bush hack. And
it wasn't Diebold, because it was a spectacularly incompetent hack: they
took a precinct's worth of PCMCIA memory card voting data, copied it
(probably in a standard laptop) and hacked the copy so that it produced
4000-something votes for Bush and 16,022 negative votes for Gore. Yes,
you read that right: negative votes. From a precinct with about 950ish
voters. Late on election night, Gore was set to concede when somebody
at Volusia caught this, did a hand-correction, that was reported up the
Democrat food chain and somebody told Gore.

We had sketchy details on this going back to election night
2000...somebody at CBS news caught wind. The perpetrator(s?) were never
caught. They most likely worked for the county elections division in at
least a mid-level position. Then in mid-03, when we got ahold of the
Diebold tech support internal mailing lists there was a pretty thorough
deconstruction of what went on, and they were as puzzled by some of it
as anybody else. Which is one reason I think Diebold (or rather, back
then it was Global, same staff though) wasn't the dirty party, the other
being that if they wanted to hack, they've have done so *competently*.

So we *knew* there could be vote-hackers running around off-leash down
there, and they may have learned how to do a better job - Visual Basic
scripts can simply *rape* an MS-Access runtime edition like on a GEMS
box, and they're taught at community college adult ed classes...

Bev Harris and a minor "posse" hit town and starting throwing public
records requests around like they were going outta style. SOME sort of
excrement has hit a rotary air movement device...there's now ballot
lockdowns, lawyers, all kinds of crap going on and if I know Bev she's
wading right into the thick.

Heh. Grab some popcorn folks, this one's gonna be good :).

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