Re: BBV FOIA requests

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 14:19:11 CST


To jump in on this topic - to update you on what USCountVotes can do to
help people pinpoint where to ask for BBV FOIA requests and help obtaining

One statistician in my (new web site - just begun) group
has already been pinpointing PRECINCTS where the vote counts seem Most
Likely to be wrong in Florida, and we will be able to identify similarly
precincts in other states that look likely to need BBV FOIA
investigations in a few weeks (I hope) when we have got our database set
up and interface done...

If the BBV FOIA project needs help pinpointing precincts in FL now, one of
our group can help do that now. Otherwise if BBV FOIA is not in a hurry,
in a while we will have the info available with more work put into the
analses which may make it more likely to be accurate. Sometimes even
paper ballot recounts may not produce a vote count change if there are a
lot of spoiled ballots of course. Ida Briggs who pinpointed precincts in
NH that looked like they had vote-counting errors, will be working with us
when she comes up for air.

We will need volunteer help gathering, in a useful way, the by precinct
raw election for each county results data and whatever demographic data or
voter registration by party data for states/counties/precints in the US
for the 2004 and past elections for the Presidential/USSenate/USHouse
races. (In some states, perhaps a state election official or state
attorney general may help us obtain the by precinct election results.)

Please go to and sign up for the email list to
receive announcements (I have only sent out one email so far).

or just

I am dead tired, but we are making progress in implementing a mathematical
study of the 2004 election results with mathematicians from many political
persuasions, and with the help of some programmers who've been gathering
data and working on a database design.

We could probably use a few more programmers/sysadmins to join our
volunteer list of programmers helping to set up our system.

Thank you.



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