Re: Don't think of an elephant.

From: Keith Copenhagen <k_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 15:21:17 CST

Ouch, OK let me be more more clear...

I think that OVC (and especially the long term players), have the real
opportunity and real responsibility to develop and use a non-technical
vocabulary that can present the issues and help open voting to succeed.

George Lakoff, is currently getting a lot of press as an expert in this
area. I suspect that he is more available to us, than someone like a
Frank Luntz, who arguably does the same, albeit with opposite rotation.

>Hello Keith:
> Your suggestion will make more sense when members read the
>Please note that I'm including this article solely to illustrate how
OVC might benefit. I do not necessarily advocate his postions or
suggest that OVC do so.
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>>Keith Copenhagen <> wrote:
>>** Accidentally cross posted to voting-project not OVC-discuss **
>>** use ovc-discuss for follow ups **
>>I propose, to this august body, that we/OVC approach George Lakoff
>>of the Rockridge Institute, for suggestions on phrasing to use to
>>describe phrasing of the OVC goals & components. This "Framing of
>>Issues" is a key component to modern political discourse and may be
>>the most important contribution we can make to the discussion of
>>electronic voting.
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