Re: Vote machine error brings recount in Franklin County

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 13:15:07 CST

Arthur Keller said:
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Our group of math people need before and after recount data at the
precinct level for any counties that are being recounted.

Please let me know when there is a recount so I can alert our volunteer
programmers and obtain the data.

Despite all the rumours of the demise of my group's methods, the Harvard,
Cornell, and Stanford political scientists that tried to debunk our work
(and were reported in the NY Times), have joined our list and are helping
us and have not come up with anything to "disprove" our methods to
pinpoint counties and precincts that have likely vote counting errors yet.
 In their first attempt, they included all small counties in their
analyses, despite the fact that everyone knows that small counties tend to
vote Republican, so have to be excluded from analyses. In their second
attempt, they did "prove" that not "all" counties using op-scan machines
in FL have increased REP votes. We already knew that.

New ideas always get a flurry of criticism, and I'm not worried about it.
We're going to do a thorough analyses and pinpoint precincts all over
America where any vote counting errors were likely to have occurred in the
2004 election.

see outline of our plans for more analyses:

We are looking for cooperation from state election officials who would
like to set up information systems in their states for 2006 that allow us
to quickly do better analyses down to the precinct level then, or atleast
the county level.

One of our group has already been sending his by precinct FL analyses to
David Dill that pinpoints precincts in a couple of FL counties that seem
to need closer examination of their voting machines, but his analyses are
not as thorough yet as we can make them via computer programs once we have
more data in a database.



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