Re: Partisanship and a Voting Project

From: Dale Lane <email_at_dalelane_dot_co_dot_uk>
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 17:31:18 CST

Fred McLain wrote:
> The demo list is idle right now, for a couple of reasons.
> First that we do not have a clear goal beyond the demo we already
> produced.

Although there might not yet be long-term goals for significant
development activities yet, are there other smaller projects that could
useful in the meantime?

I'm not entirely sure what sort of work I mean, as this is a bit of a
random idea, but if there are any other implementation considerations or
factors that could be investigated by trying them out in small
development "projects", I'd be very happy to try.

> If you care to help with the development, the uncompleted demo tasks are
> testing of Liam's Strong Box implementation (read: secure install w/OS)
> and "clean up" of the numbers displayed by the BRP software, some counts
> were created with a misunderstanding of what was requested. The BRP
> also needs to have it's dependencies reduced. If you care to discuss
> working on these we should do it on the development list.

Are these sort of tasks open to anyone to attempt? Is there a list
somewhere of these and/or remaining development tasks like these?

While I follow the discussions on the mailing-list with interest, I
don't really have the knowledge to add much to the discussion. But I'm a
pretty good software developer with some spare time available and would
like to help.

I'm not sure if I'm being helpful, or trying to find myself something to
do to make myself feel helpful... probably somewhere between the two :-)

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