voter-induced compromise of the paper trail

From: Brendan LeFebvre <brendanl_at_iname_dot_com>
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 14:03:48 CST

It's been established that a "ballot-under-glass" scheme is untenable due to the specialized equipment involved. But what is to stop a voter from leaving the polling place with his paper ballot, either by neglect or as part of a payoff scheme? This compromises the vote both by enabling such schemes and by affecting hand-recount totals.

I can't see a way around this without specialized equipment, either "ballot-under-glass" or an electronic/motorized ballot-box device that can accept and confirm proper ballot deposit before recording the vote.

Has this been addressed before?


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> Balancing privacy at moment of casting vs. the risk of loss.
> As uncounted ballots collect in the ballot box, the anonymity increases
> and the magnitude of possible vote loss also increases. This is true for
> both physical and virtual ballots. I understand that the physical
> insecurity of the ballot box is a key issue pushing eVoting.
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