Re: Web demo statistics

From: laird popkin <lairdp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 10:06:55 CST

This is amazing! Go Jan!

Inspired by this, I've added the PPHLogger tracking to the other main
pages on the OVC site, so that we can start seeing (in PPHLogger)
where people enter the site, where they browse, etc.

It looks (from seeing the last few minutes' traffic) like there's a
large percentage of the site's traffic that's entering at the ballot
demo and not browsing around the rest of the site. I'd suggest that we
put a copy of the 'please donate' sidebar onto the web demo page. Or,
while we're at it, add it to all of our web pages (via an include, I

- LP

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 12:48:14 +0100 (MET), Jan Karrman <> wrote:
> I have made some statistics for how many have tried the on-line demo
> ballot (link from the OVC home page). The logs started Apr 9, soon
> after it was started. I thought it might be interesting, since
> the statistics for the OVC pages doesn't seem to go back that far.
> What I have counted is the number of times the "PRINT MY BALLOT"
> button has been pushed:
> It is easy to see the effects from Slashdot (Apr 22), userfriendly
> (Oct 27), (Nov 1-, beating Slashdot) and all
> other recent activities.
> I noted that not all traffic came from the OVC home page: yesterday
> most of the traffic actually came from an Italian site:
> (is Matteo Campofiorito a pseudonym for Matteo Giacomazzi?).
> There are now some 4000 votes in the logs. Can we do something fun
> with those? I can easily generate XML-versions of the ballots from
> them.
> /Jan

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