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From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 21:23:53 CST

Keith Copenhagen wrote:
>>> Hello Keith:
>>> So in other words, you want to apply the model we've already set
>>> up for EVM to this application. That's great as the thinking and
>>> research will be transferable.
>>> Thanks, Ed Kennedy
> Hi Ed,
> You're giving me way too much credit. I'm just someone who wandered
> in a week ago, stoppped and started asking questions.
> For what it's worth, Here are my's rather half-baked opinions, worth
> every penny you paid for them...
> (1) I suspect that the demo is a really great prototype and those
> people that made it are a whole lot more educated and credable. And
> certainly there is a lot of good will built up in those man-years of
> sweat (brain & brawn) and deserve my respect.

That's right and I've found out they are not afraid of telling you that.
After a short time working with the group I explained to them that I was
their village idiot. At first everyone was alarmed that they had offended
me. However I explained that while I could write reasonably well and had an
intelligent layman's understanding of this stuff that I didn't share their
IT background even though I've been using computers for years. If I didn't
understand it, chances are most other non-specialists wouldn't understand it

> (2) I imagine that there is a security architecture that doesn't
> require the same level of trust and security in the EVM as in, say,
> the BRP, which allows the design on the next generation EVM more
> design freedom and more re-use from the demo.

Yes, probably. I think most people are aware that there are a lot more
components to voting than just the voting machine. One of the justified
standing criticisms of OVC efforts is that we're dealing in retail fraud
when we need to focus on the wholesale fraud effort next. Also, voting
registration systems are on the list there somewhere. This is another good
reason for having an optical read/write device like a DVD disk on most of
the machines. Florida has been trying to handle voter lists via lap tops
this year and has had a lot of trouble with their lap top based client
server approach. A simple stand alone data base would be nice but most any
computer designer could set that up.

> (3) The development so far has been very EVM centric, and so I'm not
> stepping on too many toes when I start talking about other aspects of
> the process. Or the people invested in that are letting me come up to
> speed.

As far as I can tell by the response, people are enthusiastic about your
interest. Yep, we have been EVM centric. It's partially a marketing
decision and is also due to limited resources IMHO. What is the state of
BRP system anyone?

> -k

Thanks, Ed Kennedy
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