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From: Keith Copenhagen <k_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 19:35:23 CST

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>Keith Copenhagen wrote:
>>Hi Jim,
>>I'm lockstep here, I don't know how important these nits are... but
>>I'm pretty sure a CD based write-once file system requires a CD-RW
>>and CD-R media.
>Yup. But we term our approach "CD-R/DVD-R" or "WORM", avoiding the
>"CD-RW/DVD-RW" in marketing and development terms.

WORM, sold!

>We don't want to be accused of having a "Dieboldesque audit trail" and
that's what CD-RW/DVD-RW conjures up.
>>I suspect that the claims of the death of CD are more marketing than
>>I disagree. When a later drive standard is available that reads and
>>writes the old media as well as new, the old drives tend to go away
>>REAL fast. When double-sided floppies came out, single sided went
>>extinct rapidly except in a few niches...the controller card for the
>>Apple ][ series couldn't be switched to double-sided easily so they
>>were a holdout for a while...but everybody else?
>>And so on. Jeez, 720k floppies on PCs lasted only months before the
>>jump to the 1.44meg drives.
>>We WILL see the same thing with CD/DVD. Bet on it.

I don't think you're wrong, I just think that there is development risk
and additional cost in not starting with a CD.

>From where I sit :
(1) The DVD spec is not stable, There currently two competing DVD write
spec's out there (DVD-W & DVD+W). Extensions like DVD-Audio are still
(2) There continues to be a premium on the software / hardware side for
software that supports DVD.
(3) Knoppix / Live-CD / OpenBSD CD are, well, CDs. So It's either really
hard or negligably transparent to move to DVDs.

>>But clearly that cut-over point needs to be watched and called
>>when it matters.... I just would argue against being an early adopter,
>>unless we have no choice.
>DVD burner drives at the "base size spec" of 4.7gig are not "early" at
>this point...they've been retailing for over a year, price has dropped
>from $450 for early ones to $100 range now...hardly bleeding edge. The
>8.4gig spec IS a bit bleeding edge; the proposed 50gig-on-up
>replacements extremely so (a few prototypes out there).
>I'm arguing for DVD 4.7.

I agree it is the right thing to strawman a DVD+WORM deployed platform.
Are you betting on DVD-W or DVD+W ?

I just don't see the traction that DVD vs. CD has on the other aspects
of the project.

So 720KB floppies, I've been trying to remember the capacity of my 8"
Floppy drive I have in the garage. Do you know ?

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