Re: BBV FOIA requests

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 19:18:28 CST

Can anyone please tell me if FOIA requests can be made to obtain ballot
recounts of just selected counties' election results or if FOIA requests
have to be made to count the entire state's election results?

Our stats analyses project, called USCountVotes (UCV) now seems to have
found a home for its data on donated server space at Temple University and
we will be benefitting and checking our methods of analyses against any by
county recount data that is obtained. If any by county ballot recount
results match our predictions, that will give us a stronger case to obtain
additional recounts. We will systematically examine all states possible
for the 2004 election to provide statistical analses to back up all
efforts for obtaining any paper recounts available in any counties that
look from our analyses to need recounts.

So BBV group and USCountVotes will be co-synergetic (sp?) over the next
two years. BBV will provide UCV with one additional measure for analyses,
and UCV will provide BBV with additional evidence to take to court for
obtaining recounts in particular counties.

Thank you.


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>> I am certainly sympathetic with the efforts of a variety of people
>> investigating the election, including Bev Harris and, Vote
>> Watch, and Kathy Dopp. However, I do not believe that OVC as an
>> organization should endorse any one such effort. And any endorsement
>> will require board approval.
>> Best regards,
>> Arthur
>> At 11:03 PM -0800 11/7/04, Jim March wrote:
>> >Speaking as a member of the BoD of and somebody who helped
>> Bev Harris plan the whole PRA/FOIA effort:
>> >
>> >1) This was planned LONG before we knew who was going to win the "top
>> of ticket" race. By months.
>> >2) The records requests started going in the mail around 5:00pm on
>> election day. Kerry was still ahead at that point!
>> >
>> >3) We're checking the MACHINES. This is not a "Kerry WON, dammit!"
>> effort. If you think I'm kidding about that, you oughta see the
>> "Bush 04" bumper stickers slapped either side of my motorcycle
>> >helmet!!! (That's right, guys, I'm a *Republican*. And a member of
>> the Republican Liberty Caucus, which is the "Libertarian
>> >infiltrators registered GOP wing", also known as "Ron Paul
>> >Republicans".)
>> >
>> >There are four principles of reform for electronic voting that Bev
>> and myself fully support. I've outlined them at
>> >
>> >
>> >Upshot: I think you'll find the BBV FOIA/PRA request project to be a
>> worthy thing to talk about for any open source proponent org.
>> >
>> >Jim March
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