Re: Secure logging

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 16:25:29 CST

Great minds think alike :). Esp. since we need a drive like that to
load the software in the first place, do backups, etc. We get multiple
uses out of the same piece of hardware, making the cost comparo even
more extreme.

I would argue for starting out with the DVD 4.7gig spec. As you say,
retail prices are now under $100 per drive. Everything planned bigger
than that (including the shipping 8.4gig spec currently at around $250)
are backwards compatible with 4.7.


Keith Copenhagen wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>I think the paper tape thing is a bit of a wild goose. For me I need to
>look at these things not as interesting technology but what is the
>problem we need to solve, and should I really be investing in developing
>a trusted and secure logger based on some paper tape components ?
>The availability/cost/security/leverage of a CD-Rom based log is pretty
>So... Trying to bound this problem.
>DRE bursts, maybe a loggable event every 10 seconds (start/stop/select)
>0.5 KBytes/event
>10 sec/event
>60 sec/min
>60 min/hr
>16 hrs
>2880 KBytes / booth-day
>2.8 MBytes / booth-day
>A CD can contain over 650 MB. or about 230 booth-days (or at 50
>events/voter, 26,000 voters).
>It's going to be really hard to beat a low latency CD-Rom writer, even
>with writing leaders... Its doable to write a corrupt cd file system
>reader if incomplete writes are a critical risk area.
>Retail, a new Samsung CD+RW/DVD-R is < $80, on a standard OVC spec'd PC
>it would be less.
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