Re: Secure logging

From: Keith Copenhagen <k_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 15:33:36 CST

Hi Jim,

I think the paper tape thing is a bit of a wild goose. For me I need to
look at these things not as interesting technology but what is the
problem we need to solve, and should I really be investing in developing
a trusted and secure logger based on some paper tape components ?

The availability/cost/security/leverage of a CD-Rom based log is pretty

So... Trying to bound this problem.
DRE bursts, maybe a loggable event every 10 seconds (start/stop/select)
0.5 KBytes/event
10 sec/event
60 sec/min
60 min/hr
16 hrs
2880 KBytes / booth-day
2.8 MBytes / booth-day

A CD can contain over 650 MB. or about 230 booth-days (or at 50
events/voter, 26,000 voters).

It's going to be really hard to beat a low latency CD-Rom writer, even
with writing leaders... Its doable to write a corrupt cd file system
reader if incomplete writes are a critical risk area.

Retail, a new Samsung CD+RW/DVD-R is < $80, on a standard OVC spec'd PC
it would be less.

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