Re: Secure logging (was: King COunty)

From: Keith Copenhagen <k_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 13:27:53 CST

Thanks Ed,

Charlie, I added your comment and my thoughts as comments.


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Here, ya go. <> Look
for recent postings. Anything you haven't looked at lately should have
a red asterik at the end organized by subject matter. BTW: There is
now a link at the OVC page under links.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

charlie strauss <> wrote:
how about a link.
a final desiderata is real-time (not buffered) writes of each loggable
event to the write-once media.

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Subject: Re: Secure logging (was: King COunty)

I've moved this thread to the ovc wiki, under considerations/autit

Let me know what you think of using that as a way to trap info.

I can use a clear goal for the audit log :
I propose it is to :
(1) Confirm that the subsytem has gone through it's workflow as
- Nota Bene: I think the paper trail has to be the definitive recount /
voter redundancy.
(2) Fault Tolerant design to anticipate most failure modes.
- Write-Once streaming
- Recognize the point the audit trail where itself ! has become


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