Re: Farhad Manjoo: no compelling evidence of an election steal

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 12:16:49 CST

Brendan LeFebvre said:
> Farhad Manjoo has a piece in today's issue of Salon, "Was the election
> stolen?", asserting that no voting troubles reported so far suggest
> errors large enough to change the election results. In particular:

Interesting, but untrue. Right now anyone can identify FL counties using
three (altogether) tables on

Please join this email list if you would like to help with a comprehensive
two year statistical and pattern analyses study to develop and test
methods to pinpoint counties in America where vote miscounts most likely
occurred in the 2004 election and provide evidence to those who would like
to do FOI recounts which test our methods.


I need helping finding and setting up a place to host the data so all the
statisticians who want to collaborate together on this can analyze it.

Do I need money, and how much, to set up an appropriate server for all the
data, or should I just set up a PHP/mySQL account on for
now, or do any of you know someone who can donate space to begin compiling
the data for our analyses?

I've got a programmer who says he can cull the data from election web
sites, etc that we need, and a woman who is volunteering to coordinate all
the programmers. I've also got lots of volunteers willing to help collect
and input data as well as a group in NH that is now trying to collect all
the data we need for a thorough analyses, and a database programmer who
volunteered to do the database tables design, etc.

So I do need help if you want to join the list which has mostly stats
people on it now.



> ---
> Salon has examined some of the most popular Kerry-actually-won theories
> currently making the rounds online, and none of them hold up under
> rigorous scrutiny. For instance, there's an easy explanation for the odd
> results in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where Olbermann insists there were
> 93,000 more votes than voters. According to Kimberly Bartlett, a
> spokeswoman for the county, the reporting software the county uses to
> display the unofficial summary of election results on its Web site is
> simply buggy. For some reason, the software combines absentee ballots
> from several voting precincts into one precinct, and therefore makes it
> appear as if there were more votes cast in a particular area than there
> were registered voters there. But this bug does /not/ affect the final
> election results, because the more detailed "canvass"
> <> of all
> the votes cast in the county shows the correct count, Bartlett told
> Salon. For example, this canvass indicates that in Fairview Park, where
> Olbermann says there were 18,472 ballots cast by 13,342 registered
> voters, there were actually only 8,421 votes cast in the presidential
> race -- fewer than the number of registered voters.
> Other theories pointing to a Kerry win are similarly brittle.
> ---
> For what it's worth...
> BL

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