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From: Anand Pillai <abpillai_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 00:58:01 CST

I agree with Fred and his answer matches what I had expected :-). However,
it would be great to have a mechanism which while having paid staff on
the rolls, will also allow contribution from interested non-paid volunteers
across the world, thought it might be limited.

However, I think these are early times to think how a future model will
actually work. Anyway, I just wanted to probe the 'think tank' here (David,
Arthur, Alan, Fred et al) to get their opinion, in case.

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On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 22:38:07 -0800, Fred McLain <> wrote:
> > On Nov 10, 2004, at 12:03 AM, Anand Pillai wrote:
> > > My question was not about payments. I will rephrase it as "Do you
> > > expect that the current mode of software development, i.e through
> > > will change if and when the project gets funded by
> > > interested parties"?
> Certainly. If we have a better way to do a developer source repository
> we need to do it, Source Forge has been a huge hindrance with it's
> outages and slow response times. We will need to mirror to it or
> another public site but I doubt we would let SF slow us down again if we
> had funding.
> > I can tell you that *I* will push very strongly to keep the development
> > model open to interested contributors worldwide, not limited to paid
> > staff.
> I'm not sure that is the question here. I don't think anyone has said
> that volunteers are not welcome. The question I see is would a
> successful OVC will have development staff? I believe that the answer
> should, and will be yes.
> We are a group that produces open voting software, not just office
> expenses :)
> -Fred-

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