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From: Charlie Strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 22:31:15 CST

to spot check these numbers I checked the sizes of some of the towns in
cuyahoga county.

the number of registered voters appers to be correct.
the number of total cast ballots agrees (almost) with the total number
of votes for president.
so this seems to presents a problem for ohio.

for example one of the doosies below is woodmere village which had a
1500% turnout.
the number of registered voters is: 558
the population of the town from the 2000 census is:
  828 people, 424 households, and 186 families

I dont know if the voting district called woodmere village corresponds
precisely to the incorporated town's borders. It might be a good guess
that the voting district is larger than such a small town.

here's another one:

valley view village 200% turnout

Population (year 2000): 2,179
registered voters (2004): 1787
ballots cast: 3409

valley view estimates its growth rate is actually NEGATIVE at 0.1% per
year so the town is getting smaller not larger. The incorporated town
is 5.6 sq miles. That is pretty small so it would not be too
surprising if the voting district was a wee bit larger.

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