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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 20:20:21 CST

Jim March,

Can the group working on that(your) project with Bev and Dill provide my
stats group "by state by county list of reported problems"?

i.e. Perhaps countyname and a URL address to the story(s) in a table by
state by county, or the number of reported problems in each county or some
other numerical measure or just a flag that there's been a problem in that
county plus a URL to a description. Just any measure you could provide
our stats group would be helpful if that fits within what you're doing.

Our research on methods to pinpoint counties with vote counting errors
could very much use this information supplied by your group as an eighth
measure/flag to consider for our studies.

Also, it dawned on me, that some of you may want to join the list that
I've set up for mathematicians, statisticians, and pollsters for our
election study. There are 24 people on the list now. So far Roger Lee of
Stanford and Josh Mittledorph of Temple University are acting as our
unofficial spokespersons to press, and the list has not been used yet.

Tomorrow morning the Wall Street Journal Science editor/reporter/imnotsure
is interviewing us.

I am just trying to get these statisticians, etc on-board right now. We
need to find a place to host the data so we can begin.

We could probably really help of you math/computer science types although
I have a woman who has volunteered to organize a group of volunteer
programmers, including database design programmers who've offered their

Soo, please feel free to subscribe to this discussion email list for
statisticians/pollsters/etc although I'm not even sure if it'll get used
because I had to send an email to everyone with email addresses cc'd in
plain sight before we got a response from Roger Levy.

I may've put some people on the list who shouldn't be on it by mistake
when I set it up but can remove those people if we find that out.

We haven't picked a name/domain yet so this list address is temporary,
although I have available if everyone agrees it's OK.

Anyway, please subscribe to for
stats/math people for the 2004 election analysis and attempt to pinpoint
counties with errors in vote totals using statistical methods and pattern



Jim March said:
> Kathy Dopp wrote:
>>Edward Cherlin said:
>>> (David Dill) and (Bev
>>>Harris). Bev Harris has just filed the largest Freedom of
>>>Information Act request in history to get the data from every
>>>voting machine in the country.
>>AWESOME. What did they ask for? What data from every voting machine?
>>Will they be successful? Do you have a link to the story?
> The actual FOIA/PRA requests as drafted are linked at:
> The main thing we've got so far is based on a request from before the
> November election covering the WA state primaries.
> In King County WA (running Diebold), there's a three-hour block of the
> audit log for the central tabulator on elections night missing...the
> critical time just before midnight. The county says that nothing
> happened during that block. We can prove they're lying, because summary
> reports were being produced out of the tabulator about every 45
> minutes, which were data/time stamped by the tabulator system (GEMS)
> and signed once on paper by elections officials. We know from running
> ourselves that those reports produce audit log entries.
> Now, GEMS is pretty pathetic and the MS-Access runtime it's based on has
> truly crappy security. But Access DOES basically work. GEMS isn't
> doing anything very "funky" producing the audit log, just standard
> MS-Access calls.
> Upshot: this missing audit trail block was deliberate.
> So why did they clean it out?
> One possibility, the more benign alternative, is that the computer
> crapped out and did something crazy or there was major human error and
> they had to go back and hand-fix. They blew away the audit log as CYA.
> Fine. It's still destruction of public records and illegal as hell
> under WA state election law, FEC regulations, etc.
> The other is that they hacked the vote and did part or all of it in a
> way that showed up in the log - so they smoked the log.
> EITHER way, it's proof that the GEMS "product" is junk to ALLOW such a
> thing, and doesn't meet, for example, California Elections Code
> standards.
> Jim

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