Re: [Fwd: Suggestion] idea for sampling a FL county - I could mobilize volunteers

From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 09:55:24 CST

Hello All:

   I've often wondered the same thing about exit polls. Does anyone have any expertise on this or designing poll questions?
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

Jan Karrman <> wrote:
How reliable would the outcome of this be? Suppose a registered
Democrat really voted for Bush. When asked, she may be embarrassed
and claim that she voted for Kerry.

/Jan - looking at this from far away...

On Tue, 9 Nov 2004, Kathy Dopp wrote:

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> It seems to me the way to determine whether there was indeed colossal
> fraud in the election is to organize the following.
> Take one of the moderate sized Florida counties where the optical scan
> machines appear to have produced results which are not credible, for
> example Dixie County, with 4988 registered Democratic voters of whom
> supposedly only 1959 voted for Kerry. Get a team of perhaps 50 people
> to go door to door, and ask whether the occupants are willing to
> divulge whom they voted for. Some will not, but those who voted for
> Kerry and think that there has been fraud should be willing to sign a
> document asserting that they indeed voted for him. It should not take
> more than a day or possibly two to find 2500 such voters if in fact
> there has been a massive fraud.
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