Re: BBV FOIA requests

From: Edward Cherlin <cherlin_at_pacbell_dot_net>
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 03:03:04 CST

On Monday 08 November 2004 10:47 pm, Arthur Keller wrote:
> There are 3 groups that appear to be doing similar work: Vote
> Watch (.us), Black Box Voting (.org), and Kathy Dopp. If the
> OVC is to weigh in (and we don't have a mechanism for doing
> so), I think we shouldn't choose one in preference to the
> others.

Supporting a legal request for information is not in any way the
same as supporting one organization over another. That would
only be the case if BBV intended to keep the data to itself.

> I have been privately encouraging these efforts, but
> not in my capacity as an officer of the OVC.
> Best regards,
> Arthur

I think that your position is not well thought out, and is a form
of overscrupulousness.

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