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Hi Joel,

There are a few people who haven't lost sight of the goal. I developed a Data Model which I placed into the public domain via OVC. We (OVC) have donated it to the IEEE P1622 Committee. I've been working on a Process Model to go with the Data Model. My talents are in software architecture, so I just observe the hardware discussions.

Are you interested in working on the software architecture for a VVPAT voting booth/VES?

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> I have been a member of this list for several months now. I have become
> quite discouraged with the prospects of this project over the last few
> weeks specifically during the last week. It appears (just by looking at
> the content of the messages on the list over the last few weeks) that
> the focus of the project has become more advocacy rather than writing
> good voting software code. In fact, I have not seen a post regarding
> the actual project in weeks (I may have missed it, but I don't think so).
> The tone of the advocacy efforts has been quite one-sided. There was a
> request looking for "High Traffic Websites" I supposed to try to find
> donors for the project. But it specifically requested "progressive" web
> sites
> (
> The results were sites such as michaelmoore, salon, Democratic
> Underground and Democrats. This happens to be oposite to my particular
> political stand, but I think I would have been equally frustrated had I
> seen a bunch of sites such as Drudge and Rushlimbaugh.
> I know that the project must be promoted. I got turned onto the project
> due to a news article several months ago and I know that it takes such
> things to bring people on board. I also realize that the Democrats are
> prime targets for promotion right now.
> I live in the middle of "Red State" terretory. Many of our Clerks and
> Secretary of States are Republican. My desire has been to take the
> results of this project and try to market it to various localities in
> this state. What do you think my chances of being successful when these
> Republican public officials read some of the stuff that has been flying
> around on this list? What do you think your (those of you who are
> Democrats) chances would be had the same discussions been laced with
> references to hard line conservative sites and partisans? THIS PROJECT
> it there.
> I'm already too long here, but I wanted to make one last point regarding
> the value of open source software. Just so you know, I have been
> working with open source software since '94 when I compiled my first
> NCSA web server. I have followed many projects over the years and have
> come to some of my own conclusions (opinions) over the benefits and what
> makes a successful project and what does not. Successful projects have
> a lot of participants and a significant number of users. This is
> difficult for this project and will take a lot of effort to get around a
> limited number of initial users. The participants can happen if we get
> to writing software. I haven't seen any new code since April.
> Let's have a programming project rather than a talking project.
> Regards,
> Joel Harris
> Indianapolis, IN
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