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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 08:57:37 CST

Jim March said:
> Kathy, Bev ain't going anywhere.
> She's going to keep pounding the Bejeezus out of Diebold, NASED, the
> ITAs and the rest. As am I. They've got it coming, in spades. OVC is
> perfectly welcome to come along and make something out of the wreckage
> and it'll be needed by the time we're done.

I am the one that is going to slice and dice Diebold and ES&S not Bev.

Who do you think is the manufacturer of the opscan machines with all the
anomolous patterns in FL? Who do you think provides the voting machines
for the counties which went Democrat in the local district races, voted
for Clinton twice, etc yet overwhelmingly went for Bush? I haven't begun
to collect data on these counties! You've seen maybe at most 1/7th of the
analyses we're going to do to automatically catch these things in the

I will be able to easily pick those kinds of counties out in any state now
and we will have at least seven such measures to cross juxtapose and find
them with pinpoint accuracy immediately the day after the election by

I have not even begun to uncover the evidence that will enable us to
pinpoint exactly where to ask for recounts, and down to the precinct level
by 2006 because I only thought to plan these studies 5 days prior to the
election and did not realize how difficult the data was going to be to
obtain this time. In 2006 it will be a piece of cake because we will be
all organized and ready.

I've got so many ways to uncover their sneaky little patterns that their
heads will spin when I'm through with them.

I'm going to make it so that it will be detected by the day after an
election if an election is hacked/rigged/innocent-errored an election, and
there will be enough documentation within a week after an election to take
to court.

You wait until we sick two dozen PhD mathematicians on this problem with
my guidance. Volunteers, including election officials (ret) and many
smart people are already planning and gathering data in many states now.

I'm happy to work with Bev if she stops undermining our efforts and begins
dragging along an OVC member who understands how a voting system ought to
work to her press conferences. I've seen Bev's emails with my own eyes. I
know what she says to people and she making us look like kooks in front of
the media IMO.

The group I'm getting off the ground is going to be providing evidence for
FOI act investigations for the next two years in order to prove or
disprove that our methodology which is based on pattern analysis of data
sets, in a nutshell, works.



> Before the elections, Bev Harris's main thrust was "TURN OFF THE
> MODEMS". The damn reporters can wait a few extra hours for memory cards
> to be driven back in from the field. With the modems off, the county
> election officials can still hack directly at the data; in Diebold's
> GEMS, you do it like so:
> Others such as Sequoia are generally similar. But by going after those
> data files after the fact with the various state-level FOIA-type laws,
> we can deconstruct that sort of tampering after the fact - at least
> Diebold, Sequoia and the rest would have their access cut off.
> Turning off the modems was a mild step costing zero in cash terms. Yes,
> we would have preferred demonstratably bad software like GEMS be
> scrapped but that wasn't going to happen and we full well knew it.
> Now, I don't know why you insist on spreading filth and slander and want
> Bev out of the way. Personally, I don't care. You're making a common
> newbie political mistake called "attack your allies because they're a
> wee bit different from you", it's why Hamas and the PLO often shot at
> each other as much as they did Israelis, or why Stalin killed off all
> slightly different Communist strains circa 1920 - 1925. It's a really
> dumb mistake, usually connected with fanaticism and intolerance.
> Try and slow us down, we'll run right over the top of you - you ain't
> the only one capable of "blunt speaking". Comprende? You have NO idea
> what else is coming down the pipe. We've got way more resources than
> OVC right now and we'll have a lot more soon enough. We don't attack
> you, you don't attack us, we maybe get somewhere here.
> I *want* to promote OVC as an alternative to what's going on now. I
> like your project, I like Alan. But if OVC people at any level are
> going to constantly rip into Bev Harris at every opportunity, I'll pick
> her over you lot any day of the week and I seriously doubt I'm the only
> one.
> Gawd almighty. Think twice, think THREE times before you speak one more
> dirty word against her. You're only crippling your own efforts.
> Jim

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