Re: BBV FOIA requests

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 07:20:19 CST

Jim March said:
> Kathy Dopp wrote:
>>I agree Arthur. However Bev Harris is a kook to suggest returning to
>> handcounted paper ballots and is hurting the cause of obtaining decent
>> voting systems by hogging the limelight and making all of us fighting
>> to prevent the adoption of horrible voting systems look like kooks too.
> HARRIS IS NOT A KOOK. Neither has she suggested abandoning electronic
> voting. To claim that she has is the worst sort of strawman garbage
> I've ever heard of.

I have had personal conversations with her via email back and forth and
with her supporters and with her assistant over the phone and their
position is that all of America should return to handcounted paper ballot
and use NO electronic counting methods at all.

Talk to her and check this out for yourself.

The world is not going to even consider the alternative that Bev is
proposing nowadays. They are going to discount her and us along with her
because she takes most of the limelight on this issue.

> As to "hogging the limelight": like hell. She's gone out and DONE
> THINGS. She's gotten things accomplished If all you can do is lie
> about what her positions are, you've accomplished nothing but slander.

Yes of course and she is VERY skilled at getting press attention which is
a great skill and she's done her part to save democracy and the world, but
her time has ended if you want OVC to succeed.

> Take a look at the position paper here:

OK. I agree that that is a great position paper but I'm on email lists
that send Bev statements around the Internet and in them right up until
days prior to the election she and her followers in TX and CA were talking
like fruit-cakes about throwing out all electronic voting machines and
using only handcounted paper ballots for all elections in America.

I personally like her option better than all of todays proprietary voting
systems, but she sounds like a fruitcake to any election official who is
responsible for counting ballots in a city like New York, Philedelphia,
Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City or anywhere.

I do not make the facts, only report them.

Bev's time has ended or we are endangered. I sent Bev emails explaining
how OVC works and why it would work in as simple language as I could and
she sent me back ridiculous stuff or ignored me.

I have been watching what Bev has done since March 2003 so I'm well aware
of how blessed she is and what she's accomplished and it is AWESOME. I'm
just pointing out that she needs to retire or start insisting an OVC rep
goes with her to every press conference.

I'm sorry I'm so tactless and if you hate me for it you won't be the first



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