Re: BBV FOIA requests

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 07:08:25 CST

Arthur Keller said:
>>Kathy Dopp wrote:
> about Bev Harris
> At 2:52 AM -0800 11/8/04, Jim March wrote:
> about Bev Harris too.
> Can we please avoid name calling and disparagement of those of good
> intent working on a good cause? I want to remind people that this is a
> public forum and all messages are publicly archived. Anything you say
> can and will be used against you by someone opposed to these
> efforts.

Oops - Well I didn't say anything here that I didn't already say to Bev in
direct personal email if that helps so if she finds out it won't surprise
her. ;-) sheepishly...

I have been told by people who know me that I'm truthful to a "FAULT" with
emphasis on the word fault.

That said I completely agree that BEV has done marvelous wonderful things
and without her this world would be in a HUGE mess and I appreciate that
VERY MUCH, but her time has ENDED. She is currently a detriment to the
cause of democracy unless someone can get her to listen to reason and
understand what OVC is trying to do and begin taking an OVC rep with her
at every press opportunity that she creates, in fact she needs to insist
on not having a press conference without an OVC rep there to speak and
then and only then will I rescind what I said.

OK. I'll shutup and try to behave now. I promise.


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