Re: Contest for voting project list members

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 15:48:02 CST

> If, for example, a mailing went out on a large email list (with
> millions on the list) we could get 200,000
> visitors in one day. So, I leave that as a possibility.

It depends *a lot* on the type of mailing list it is though. Some set
of readers would be the type to jump to OVC and promptly donate; others
might just find it mildly interesting.

In this regard, I think other folks have done much better than I have.
I got quoted in TechWeb, the day before the election, in an article by
David Gardner that was syndicated several places. That even had a
hotlink to OVC. But I haven't seen it show up in the stats, even
though I think the article itself was fairly widely read.

And likewise, my technical articles on the design of OVC systems for
IBM developerWorks probably *do* create an impression of solid design
considerations by OVC... but the dW readers are probably not close
enough to activists who would donate money (however, the dW articles
appeared before the fundraising drive; not so many people read articles
from the dW archive, rather than the zone homepages).

For example, when Lori asked for progressive websites with large
readerships, I was fairly familiar with all those people mentioned.
But I had some hunches about which would and would not attract the type
of membership-oriented visitors we want. Of course, NO placement

I *do* think that Slashdot remains a particularly desirable target.
Huge readership, and lots of them the type who might donate. But to
get an(other) article on slashdot, we need to come up with a blurb
other than "we're worthwhile, elections are corruptible, as you've read
in prior slashdot stories." Something that looks like actual NEWS,
some way to spin our blurb as a breaking story. I don't think just
mentioning that now we want money is breaking news. I'm not sure what
that is... but anyone with a good idea about it should definitely try
it. And it really doesn't hurt for different people to try stories
with slightly different takes--any one of them is great, as long as it
links back to
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