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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 13:41:26 CST

We now have 78 subscriptions for supporting memberships. One thing I
noticed that got me to thinking:

Member 29 is Dylan Hirsch-Shell. Then again, member 74 is also Dylan
Hirsch-Shell. I checked the email address, and sure enough, it is the same
Dylan Hirsch-Shell. This brings up the subject David Mertz (and perhaps
others) raised about what if a subscriber wants to give more than $10 per
month. Dylan figured out how to do that.

The larger issue has to do with "what is a 'supporting member'." This is an
issue to be discussed at our NOV 11 board meeting and really needs to be
spelled out in our bylaws (which currently does not mention "Support

It's remarkable in a way that we're getting people to sign up for supporting
memberships when we have not said anything about what privledges they get.
It might also help us get more memberships if we provided some privledges as
an incentive.

Here's what I propose. I want to create an ex officio board member slot
that will be the elected leader of the supporting members (need a name for
this position ... for now, RSM standing for Representative of the Supporting

The RSM Election:

- Elected Annually for one-year term (beginning calendar year, first
election 1 JAN 2005).
- Any Supporting Member may nominate a RSM candidate
- Nominees must be approved by the board (2 weeks before the election)
- OVC will provide pdf file of ballot for download
- Vote by mail on paper to OVC HQ
- "Secret" ballot.... envelopes separated from folded paper before counting.
Witnessed by at least 2 OVC members (any level) plus the OVC President.
- One membership subscription, one vote (i.e., members that own x
memberships get x number of votes)
- Only current Supporting Members eligible to vote
- Only membership subscriptions active 30 days before the election date

RSM Responsibilities

- OVC board membership
- Provided with regularly updated list (with contact info -- minimally, an
email address) of Supporting Members
- Accepts input from Supporting Members regarding OVC governance
- Provides at least monthly report to the Supporting Members (via email)
- Provide content for a page on
- Represents positions of the Supporting Members at OVC Board meetings

I want to achieve some consensus on this ASAP! I think it will help with
our membership drive if people understand they are getting some role in OVC

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