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Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 13:03:35 CST

Joseph Lorenzo Hall said:
> As well, your site is mentioned in the letter from three congressmen to
> the GAO urging an investigation:

Thank you Joseph.


I apologize for not answering personally but I am flooded w/ response to

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what you can do to help by sending email to

No conclusions can be drawn from this data or analyses yet. First there
needs to be more studies using other numerical methods and other states'
election results and data to corroborate or dispel what we are seeing.

I have an idea for how to organize a complete study of races in all U.S.
swing states and enough "control states' to clearly show these anomolous
patterns of elections results. However, as one volunteer, I have been
unable to deal with the flood of responses, make the chart and
explanations more understandable and gather, organize, study, and analyze
the data that is needed.

Here is my idea: We immediately need a person to set up a business
structure for us to accept paypal donations, an assistant to handle
email/input contact information, a PHP/SQL programmer, to set up the
structure for volunteers to help input all the data for all the races and
control state data, and a statistician/mathematician to design/plan the

Please do "not" send me your mathematical analysis to study unless you can
contribute mathematical analysis on a level with our MS and PhDs who are
conducting this analysis, AND you have already read the statistical
analyses pages that are linked from the bottom of

The data sources are listed at the bottom of the page. Please follow the
new links at the bottom of the page to find new tables of election results
and statistical analysis and look at pictures of the data.

Ohio does not have registration by party so this study cannot be done for
Ohio. There are other by county comparisons that can be done for Ohio but
the data is more difficult to obtain.

For the 2006 election we can arrange exit polls by county and have other
data in ready to enable all candidates to see patterns of anomolous
election results so that they can ask for recounts when there are paper
ballots available.

You can help develop and deploy better election systems that are much more
trustworthy and open by helping this group

Yes, please link to the web page and help publicize it to anyone you think
would be interested:

How to copy the data from a web page into Excel using MS Word. copy and
paste special text into MS word, select all and convert text to table (you
may have to adjust a few characters to make it plop into the table
cleanly), select all again and copy and paste special into excel as text.

Thank you very much.


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