Re: redesign last call

From: erik hopp <ehopp_at_hampshire_dot_edu>
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 20:41:25 CST

ok, the site is updated.

if you have any more suggestions or see any issues, let me know.

i'm off for the evening, so don't expect any word until tomorrow!


erik hopp wrote:
> ok, so when i hear back from alan that a bug i have been trying to fixed
> is finally fixed (hopefully), i'll go live with the changes to the site.
> if anyone has any more changes, please let me know.
> i addressed a couple other things that people have emailed about (that i
> have not responded to directly so that i don't clog up the list traffic).
> anyway, thanks for all of your suggestions, hopefully we can have the
> new version up soon!
> erik

erik hopp
532 charles st. floor 1
providence, ri 02904
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