Re: redesign of front page

From: Robert Rapplean <robert_at_rapplean_dot_net>
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 17:56:10 CST

erik hopp wrote:

> so what do you think? is the present state acceptable?

Looks good to me. Opera 7.22 has a mild issue with the member and
donation buttons in that they run way over into the right margin, but if
it's not a problem anywhere else I wouldn't bother fixing it. Also the
1111 by 11/11 font winds up a tad large, and the last 11 wraps.

On Firefox it looks great, but I'd still center the member and donation
buttons. I'm also the type that nudges furniture into their proper feng
shui arrangements, so just ignore me if it suits you.

I concur that the current vertical arrangement of the buttons makes the
most sense of the options described.

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