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From: erik hopp <ehopp_at_hampshire_dot_edu>
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 11:40:12 CST

i've posted a link the the OVC in several revevant threads on

perhaps someone wants to write up an appeal to bloggers to add ovc to
their link lists or mention them in their blogs or whatever.

i am happy to send this out the the bloggers i know and the blogs i


Rick Gideon wrote:
> I've noticed, through my fiancee (who reads many a blog), that a lot of
> bloggers out there are concerned about this issue and appealing to some of
> the larger ones may aid in pulling together for not only OVC, but the
> issue as a whole.
> has had numerous stories lately regarding the
> errors which have occured during voting and they have been linked far and
> wide and may be an excellent place to approach to see if they'll lend
> their support to us.
> Rick
> On Fri, 5 Nov 2004, Alan Dechert wrote:
>>So far today, we have 12 new Supporting Members. I want 36!
>>Please, in the next hour, think of some people to email or places to post a
>>Alan Dechert

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