Re: Strange patterns by voting machine in florida e-voting??

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 02:43:34 CST

Patricia Gracian said:
> I love this idea. I don't know how one gets all the phone numbers. But
> we had armies of volunteers making calls to get out the vote, so we
> could get one of those organizations involved to get the job done.
> There's nothing like an actual count. Let me know if you don't find
> someone to do it and I'll try to contact some groups that were making
> calls.

Well, I'd rather put those armies of volunteers to work on gathering data
we need from each county to further analyze and double-check our results.
i.e. we still need by county election results by ballot type and vote
counting method for each ballot type for early, precinct, absentee, and
provisional votes. The numbers are publicly available, but must be
obtained w/ manual phone calls.

As to a poll of Liberty county, I would rather leave that to a competent
pollster who knows what he/she is doing and can evaluate whether a small
county like Liberty would be a valid sample because it is likely that for
analysis, we need to ignore data from smaller counties. (see ) Although an
informal poll might be helpful, I wouldn't want to piss people off and I'm
not sure it's even legal to ask people how they voted and who's to tell if
they would even tell the truth about how they cast their ballot. I don't
know enough about polling myself, but perhaps you know more about it than
I do and would feel more comfortable conducting a poll.

I know my first reaction was that it was a great idea, but I've reflected
a little on how it might be done and decided that I don't know enough to
venture one.


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>> Ok, let's talk about Liberty County, folks. There are only 4000 or so
>> registered voters there, over 3000 of them registered as Dem. And yet
>> over 1900 of them voted Republican and 1000 or so voted Republican. I
>> think it should be reasonably possible to get on the phone and call
>> all of those people and do a survey.
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>> >and that statistical analysis is showing, that even with smaller
>> counties removed from the study, the pattern is statistically
>> significant.
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>> >I put a small link to OVC on the bottom of the page so you may get
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