Re: voting patterns is breaking news now

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Sat Nov 06 2004 - 00:11:39 CST

My Florida voting patterns page has top billing here today:

How many hits OVC is getting from links from my page ?

I'm hoping Charlie can do more charts for the two new tables for FL 2000
Presidential and PA 2004

Charlie, Can you teach me/tell me how you are creating those or I wonder
if we might be able to begin charging politicians for creating these
analyses with charts. I could sure use some income since I've been
volunteering since end of June!

There should never be another election in America where politicians
concede without first consulting statistical analyses of the three types
we've devised, to see if there are any anomolous patterns that need
investigation. By 2006, we should be organized to have the stats
immediately available to politicians, have county exit polls, and other by
county by ballot and voting type stats for immediate analysis.

We will straighten out this democracy and make it work again!



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